With hundreds of millions of devices running one or more of the 60,000 Appcelerator-powered mobile apps, we are inspired by the impact you are creating in the world – and humbled by the fact that you’ve all chosen our technology to do it.

To help celebrate this, we’re excited to launch another hackathon chock-full of prizes designed to highlight the amazing enterprise apps you are building.

To be eligible, simply enter an Appcelerator app that is B2B or B2E focused. That can be anything from an app that helps a company manage finances, to an app that integrates with your Salesforce backend, to an app that allows your drivers to navigate the shortest route to their delivery.

You’ve got the skills. We’ll bring the technology. Now put them to good use and get started. We can't wait to see what you create!



Any individual or team that has built an app using Appcelerator is eligible to enter. It can be an app you built prior to this contest or one you are building now. Take a look at the judging criteria, and submit your app!


To enter a submission, please include the following no later than 5:00pm Pacific Time on May 16, 2014.


  • The name of your app that uses Titanium Studio or Appcelerator Studio

  • Your Appcelerator App GUID (my.appcelerator.com > App Details > App Actions)

  • A description of your enterprise app and how it can be used in an enterprise setting

  • The names of the team members involved in the creation of the project

  • A URL to a demo video (YouTube or Vimeo), featuring your app in action (less than 90 seconds)

  • One or more images of your app

  • ROI/ IT Benefits: What are the quantitative results of using Appcelerator solutions to build the app vs other solutions (e.g., developer hours saved, % code reuse, time saved to integrate with the backend, cost savings, efficiency, etc)?

  • Business Impact of Mobile App: What are the quantitative results of the mobile app (revenue generated, user adoption, engagement, etc)?

  • A URL for your app on iTunes or Google Play store if it's available

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$5,900 in prizes

Grand Prize

Most innovative Enterprise app built on Appcelerator

Runner-up Prize (2)

Runner-ups for most innovative Enterprise apps built on Appcelerator

Appcelerator MBaaS Kicker

If you're selected as one of the top 3 finishers and you use Appcelerator's MBaaS offering within your app, you'll be eligible for this MBaaS kicker award.

Automating a Manual Business Problem Award: Amazon gift card and an Appcelerator swag pack

The enterprise of the past had many single-use tools and devices that are today being replaced with apps. For a chance to win this award, show us how you've automated some manual or painful process obsolete with your app. It could be introduction of a digital camera, a telephone, a credit card reader, a map, or even something as simple as a notepad.

Cloud Services Award: $200 Amazon gift card and an Appcelerator swag pack

Best implementation of Appcelerator MBaaS capabilities.

Cross-platform Award: Amazon gift card and an Appcelerator swag pack

Enterprises and their employees are using a wide variety of mobile devices and platforms today. Leverage Appcelerator to provide a fully native, cross-platform experience for a shot at this award!

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


The Appcelerator Team

The Appcelerator Team

Judging Criteria

  • Depth of Integration with Appcelerator
    Does the app take advantage of the unique functionality offered by Appcelerator? Does the app demonstrate an understanding of the features Appcelerator offers?
  • APIs
    Are you leveraging enterprise APIs to improve the experience for your users?
  • Viability
    Does the app target a viable market? Do clear revenue models emerge? Does the app solve a clear problem?
  • Originality of Concept
    Is the application unique and innovative? Does it bring new functionality to mobile devices?
  • Execution/traction
    Is the app fully functional? How well does the design/UI work? Does the app have users? Social media presence? Press mentions?

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